© Thierry Teisseire

Love in St Rémy is a declaration of love for Provence.

Provence welcomes you warmly with open arms, draws you in. Its joyful and authentic people seem to be singing when they are merely speaking. Laughter fills the air and life is beautiful. Provence, a land of ancient traditions and customs where Mistral, Pagnol, and Cézanne still whisper softly in our ears on windy days. Provence, land of subtle tones and refined tastes, suffuses its inhabitants with “l’art de vivre”, a deep understanding of the finer things in life. Earthy pleasures delight the senses on every street corner, every climbing rocky path, in gardens, in fields, boutiques, cafés and on village squares.

This is the Provence that welcomed me into her bosom, the Provence that speaks to me of love, sensuality and the bohemian life.

This is the Provence that I wish to share with you! Because Love in St Rémy is also an ode to all of life’s little daily pleasures; convivial moments between friends, tender complicity between lovers, languid summer evenings, carefree children’s games, mysterious and enchanting scents, in short, to all the little ingredients of happiness that we have infused into each of our creations.

Laetitia Labrune de Luca
Créatrice de la marque